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High School English Speech Contest for High School Students (KANAME Cup) Suspension and Future Plans

Since 2019, the Department of English at Seinan Jogakuin University has annually hosted the KANAME Cup, an English speech contest for high school students from across the country. Over the past five years, many high school students have taken up the challenge and delivered excellent speeches. We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to all the high school students and their teachers for their enthusiastic guidance.

Starting in the 2025 academic year, new courses will be established in the English Department. With this expansion of the English Department, we are considering offering an alternate opportunity for high school students to challenge themselves in English instead of a speech contest this year. As soon as the details are finalized, we will announce them through this website, via email, and on our social networking services, so please stay tuned!

    Kaname Cup News • カナメ杯ニュース

    • 2023

      2023 Kaname Cup Results

      入賞者は以下の方々です。 1位 西南女学院高等学校 川合 菜央 1年 My Journey to Self-Acceptance 2位 自由ケ丘高等学校 杉本 小百合 2年 Through Kyushoku 3位 神戸市立葺合高等学校 キャニー モイズ 2年 Beyond the Ugly Duckling 福岡県教育委員会賞 光ヶ丘女子高等学校 近藤 紗世 2年 My First Foreign Friend 北九州市長賞 長野県須坂高等学校 山嵜 鴻太…

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